Reasons For Wearing Retainers

If you wear braces, then it can help straighten your teeth to give you the best smile you can have. When your teeth are finally straightened with the use of braces, retainers will replace them so that your straight teeth are kept in place. And wearing retainers have its own advantages. One of the advantages of wearing retainers is helping you in your speech problems. The problem, though, that most people encounter with retainers is that it easily gets lost. It is not easy to let your kids wear their retainers correctly and keep it safe. Proper wearing of retainers is for the child’s greatest advantage.

Wearing retainers is actually the last part of your orthodontic treatment for crooked teeth. After taking off the braces and your teeth have been straightened, it can easily go back to its original crooked positions. The overnight wearing of retainers can help keep your straight teeth in place.

If your teeth are straight, then you can easily clean them and help prevent the buildup of plaque. You prevent cavities from forming in your teeth is plaque buildup is stopped. With retainers, food can be chewed properly. And this means that you get the most nutrients out of the food that you are eating. When food is chewed properly, more saliva is produced and the digestive enzymes in your saliva is able to prevent plaque buildup and decrease the possibility of having cavities.

You have good oral teeth when they are properly aligned with the help of retainers. Poor oral health will worse the blood-related effects of diabetes. So if you wear your retainers properly, brush and floss regularly then you can prevent diabetes-related conditions.

Children with breathing problems can find relief with retainers. Retainers can also help prevent snoring and breathing problems at night.

You will notice an improvement in your speech if you wear retainers. It can help to adjust the placement of the tongue so that the sounds can be formed correctly.

When children enjoy wearing their retainers and keeping them properly, then it can become a good habit. If you check out the tips below, you will learn some ways that can help children wear their retainers properly and not misplace them.

Make sure that their retainer case is contained in a bigger bag. This way it is not easy to lose compared to bringing a small plastic retainer case.

Make sure you post a note in the retainer case to remind your child to put their retainer away in its case. This way, the retainer will always be in its case when not in use.

You need to have a special spot where the retainer case is kept, just like your keys. Choose a brightly colored retainer case so it can easily be seen.

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